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High five June 27, 2009

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Kids are just amazing. Particularly, I love the way they speak. Frank and simple with a twist of innocence. Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean they don’t lie. It’s just that whenever I pose a question, their response is an eye-opener to me. Hey, it’s either they know or don’t know, as simple as that. They are oblivious to the consequences of their answers. Unlike us, who have more than enough issues to ponder upon. So, why are we burying ourselves in complexity?

Indeed, the vibrant and bright behaviour of kids is enough to make us happy and the joy in them spreads. It’s hard to resist communicating with them. Honestly, I like to tell them good things about life in a very childish manner. I always do that. You know you are still a child at heart when a child loves being with you. After all, you have to be like them in order to savour those child-like, naive moments.

Zhe is the son of my cousin brother. A smart, handsome and cheerful boy possessing a certain degree of eloquence who is merely 3 years old. He was asking me to go to his house to play computer games with him. What a great invitation I thought. He and his sister were ‘torturing’ my phone for the whole afternoon. Although they didn’t manage to understand the concept of the game, they looked ecstatic after every round of the game. That is what I called innocence. You don’t have to win to be in high spirits.

Another thing I noticed: Kids love high five.

Still a child at heart, bL!nk$t@R.

Zhe's awful face.. hehe

Zhe's awful face.. hehe


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