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Rainforest World Music Gathering July 5, 2009

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The car park at IKEA is just wonderful. Spacious, clean and most of all cheap parking rates. I don’t think you can find that elsewhere. IKEA’s boss is just brilliant. The management practiced what they preached and customers needs and welfare are always being placed in the forefront. That is how their income kept flowing in despite economic downturn.


I will always make an effort to stop by IKEA’s cafe and restaurant whenever I’m over there. The place is often packed with people over the weekends. Simply because their food are irresistible and affordable. Don’t miss out the curry puff!



Here is the peak of the outing. The Rainforest World Music Gathering which comprises performances from Bantus Capoiera, Diplomats of Drum, KL Stompers, Tugu Drum Circle and so on. No singing, purely music beats and that’s sufficient to make you go high.



It was a great night.

More drum beats please, bL!nk$t@R.


2 Responses to “Rainforest World Music Gathering”

  1. 9loong Says:

    wow did not know IKEA is such a nice place to go to. haha also when to see the let’s go mamak again performance and it was really great it inspire you to learn more about music.

    • blinkstar Says:

      Yea, i wished i was there too.. But Jo’s performance make up for the lost.. hehe..
      We shall go to IKEA soon..

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