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A never ending list July 16, 2009

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I was looking at a card and digesting every single word printed on it. Tears filled my eyes.

Today, 16 July 2009 is my dad’s birthday.

Should I say I have too many things to write that’s why I don’t know what to write or I just do not have the courage to pen down those words?

Looking at the card, mixed feelings started to pour in. 1 month ago when father’s day was just around the corner, I weeped too while driving back alone. Memory flashback takes its place. I start to reminisce almost everything about my dad-his words and wisdom, the things that he had done.

He is a man of few words. I, was very much similar to him in terms of character. Just like me, he is a passionate creature. It is obvious that I inherited it from him. He could work relentlessly, putting in maximum time and effort to realise the things he thought of without expecting any reward even though it eats in to his own personal time. Sometimes, to the extent where he forgoes the enjoyment of life. My mum and I was not able to understand. Later on, I managed to figure it out because it was exactly the same thing that occurred to me during secondary school. It’s like we are addicted to it and it’s really difficult to quit unless we undergo long term ‘rehabilitation’.

I guess the list on the reasons to thank him will be an extremely long one or it probably never ends. It was him who made it possible for me to pursue my tertiary education. It was him who enables me to meet so many amazing people in my life. It was also him who allows me to be one step closer to my dream. Just solely based on this few things, it’s sufficient for me to thank him for a lifetime.

Many things come and go. One thing for sure, my dad is working hard to be a better father each day. I witnessed it. Like what people always say, parenting is the hardest job ever. So, what more could I ask when I’m blessed with all these? I can’t imagine how my life is without him as my father.

With my utmost gratitude, may God bless him along the way. Happy birthday, dad!

My life will be difficult without dad, bL!nk$t@R.


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