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End to begin July 26, 2009

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A morning rise from bed followed by a sad news. Yasmin Ahmad, the much acclaimed film director had passed away. It was heartaching. She’s a person of great talent, passion and vision. Once, I even thought of working alongside with her in the advertising industry. Whatsoever, she will always be my inspiration.

* * * *

I guess some of the people will be wondering what I’m up to this whole week as I disappeared from the online scene. This period of time was spent at work from 9 to 5 plus a couple of trainings for the upcoming run in the evening. By the time the night falls, I need to hit the sack desperately.

* * * *

Last night was a momentous milestone for me. I managed to finish the 11.5 km race and what makes me even proud was I finish earlier than my targeted time. This was my foremost experience running in the women open category, competing with those pro runners especially those from the Pacesetters Club. Gosh, it was pretty scarry. 1 hour before the race, I was so demotivated and my minds are filled with doubt. Everyone seems to be an ace runner to me judging by the way they dressed up with those running gears as well as their relaxing approach towards this run.

The night scene in Putrajaya was superb. I was lazing under the blue sky before the flag off. You will be amazed by the panorama. One thing I’ve learned: when you can run faster than those guys who are in good shape,  this is already an achievement and you are one step nearer to success by now. Very soon, I promised to be out there to scale new heights.

* * * *

Results have been released and a new semester will begin tomorrow. Things that ought to be done were accomplished and each day during the break was spent wisely. With a renewed spirit, I’m off to a brand new start.

Gearing up for the next task, bL!nk$t@R.


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