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Obey the instinct August 16, 2009

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Few days back, I took a different route to college, obeying my instinct. There’s nothing special about it. It’s just something that I’ve always wanted to do. We people are just so used to the same old routine, do what we should do, live the life we used to live since 20 years ago. We are fear of change that we become so reluctant to step out of our comfort zone. We thought by rejecting change, our lives will remain as steady as a square and everything will end in a fairy tale manner. We were wrong.

Our world has somehow turn upside down. We waited for the wrong thing, rushed for the wrong thing too. We neglected the little parts of our lives. We thought there will always be tomorrow. At the end, we regret for not saying those heartfelt words and executing the things we wanted to do immediately. Just because we take tomorrow for granted.

None of us has the ability the predict the future. Some say that the world will end in the year 2012. I don’t know, seriously. However, this is not of any importance. What matters most is what we have done for today. Are we still sticking to the usual schedule, adhering to a particular standard and refusing to kick that old, bad habit?

We know we want to. But, there is just too much ‘but’, isnt it? Wait till we are nearing death, then we shall realise how insignificant those ‘but’ are. Time is all we have. We will never know when our clocks stop ticking.


Just obey it, bL!nk$t@R.


One Response to “Obey the instinct”

  1. 9loong Says:

    how I wish my clock stop ticking. sometimes. find living is just another form of hell since the pain and sadness is alway never and happiness is never long.
    feel really tired of those feeling.

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