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Pretty smooth August 19, 2009

Filed under: 1 — blinkstar @ 10:49 pm

I guess today is a pretty smooth day. Everything flows in its order, things are done as planned. Rising from bed at 8am for a workout session was the first task to kickstart my day. Frankly speaking, I felt great especially after the adrenaline rush and a cool shower.

Later on, I headed back home and was just in time for brunch. There are 2 things that should not be left out: newspaper and tea.  Nowadays, the headline no longer grab my attention. I’m just sicked of the political situation of the country. It’s merely preventing us from leading a better life. So, I shall not waste time on it.

I promised myself to flip through the stack of academic readings. “Work hard, play hard” as the saying goes. There’s quite a number of stuffs that require us to crack our brains. Never mind. Time out phase  is arriving soon.

Interlude coming very soon, bL!nk$t@R.


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