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Turquoise September 27, 2009

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After both trips to the highland and island, I reaffirm my love towards the sky. I never knew I love the sky that much until my trip to both places which enabled me to witness the different formation of clouds and helped to redefine the colour of blue. You know you love something when you truly enjoy it. Thanks to life, I’m here to experience the marvels of nature.

Truth be told, I missed camping during high school. Not only it’s the time when I gain a few days of freedom, but also a chance for me to be one step closer to mother nature. During those days, I never really give the wonders of nature a second thought. Only the smell of forest lingers in my mind and that was sufficient to make my day. Walking, eating and sleeping in the jungle was a superb experience. I want more.

As time passes, my interest towards the environment grows and championing green issues has become a great past time. The thought of backpacking alone has been on my mind lately. One thing for sure, I’m so desperate to hug a tree.

The tree in my heart has grown taller and it needs more air, water and sunshine to nourish the soul..


When blue meets green, bL!nk$t@R.


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