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Sweating, tickling & indulging October 18, 2009

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Out and about again. I ate my breakfast and headed down to Mid Valley for a workout session at Celebrity Fitness. There’s a swimming pool and basketball court over there. So cool. I was busy using the fitness equipments and watching the RPM/spinning session. Any hot hunks there? Not really.

Food smells are polluting the air. It’s time to load up on carbohydrates again.

Ipoh Curry Laksa

Ipoh Curry Laksa

The feet needs some pampering too after running so many miles with me. Don’t ever think that fish spa is fun, it’s very ticklish. Nevertheless, you will be guaranteed a portion of smooth skin on your legs.

My feet is surrounded by fishes

My feet is surrounded by fishes.. Ouch!!

The weather is burning hot and I reached home at 4pm. *Yawning*. I’m stepping out of home at 4.30pm again to catch KX in singing mode. No nap for me. The music was too loud though.

My stomach is growling. Because KX is in good mood, she wanted to eat steak and agreed to treat me. I’m happy.

The cheesy & creamy baked fish

The cheesy & creamy baked fish

I’m surprised that I still have the ability to roam around the shopping center. We went to the toy section and spotted this very cute and minute remote control toy car. I’m in love with it and felt like buying one to entertain myself.


This car is from Japan

Some dessert to indulge in and I promised that this will be the last one- Italian ice cream. Gosh, it’s so good and I ate while I drove! My hands were not on the steering wheel for some time!


By the time I reached home, I was half-dead. The mind dozed off after bath.

Another busy weekend, bL!nk$t@R.


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