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Pipit 3rd Anniversary November 9, 2009

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pipit 3rd anniversary

Pipit 3rd Anniversary was organised at the Annexe Gallery, Central Market on the 7th November 2009. I saw many photo enthusiasts carrying their DSLR around snapping close up pictures. That’s cool. Those who have attended will spot lots of knick-knacks and cute stuffs on sale. And that’s really cute and I felt like grabbing all of it. It’s pricey though.

Before that, we were having lunch at Petaling Street (Tan Sri Francis Yeoh’s favourite place for Hokkien Mee). What makes it special is that this Hokkien Mee is cooked on charcoal fire and the recipe has been passed down through 3 generations.















Must bring dad over there for his favourite Hokkein Mee, bL!nk$t@R.


2 Responses to “Pipit 3rd Anniversary”

  1. liz Says:

    where is this place in petaling street..

    i want to bring my mum too.. can u google map it for me ..
    or at least provide me directions or address?!


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