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Imminent November 12, 2009

Filed under: 1 — blinkstar @ 2:43 pm

Insomnia is officially back again.

Gosh. It was 2.59am as I woke up and turned towards the clock. Needless to say, my brain was still active. In fact, I don’t really do much thinking during the day. You see, when the thoughts start to enter, it’s hard for it to stop. That explains why I can’t fall asleep and I’d been lying on the bed since 12am.

You may find it weird that I even thought about what to blog today. This mind of mine constantly revolves around the future lately. To be specific, the year 2010. It conceives one idea after another. One thing I know, a quite massive change is imminent and there is a dash of excitement in me.

I guess I’m happy enough to say that I accidentally found a similar replacement for something I’d lost few years ago.

Flipp was born on yesterday midnight. Stay tuned.

In need of better sleep, bL!nk$t@R.


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