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Time to unclutter November 25, 2009

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The desk and drawer are finally uncluttered. It’s an “unburdening” effect, quipped by Richard Templar, the author of Rules of Life. Everytime we begin to clear things up and reorganise our stuffs, it signifies that we are prepare to start anew. Along the way, we might spot things that were once lost, that will evoke our memories and make us reminisce on the past.

Undeniably, there are things that we hesitate to dispose off, especially things that might be useful to us in the future. Yea, so it’s just a ‘might’ only and it’s mighty enough to place us in a quandary. But who knows, 10 years from now, our lives will be in a topsy-turvy state. I guess we should be even more worried whether human race could sail past 2012!

Eventually, I end up recycling those materials. Truth be told, I did retained some possession as keepsake. Even though we really dump away those ‘unwanted’ stuffs, how sure are we that we will never think about it again? I reckon you will agree with me that in spite of everything,  we are just pure humans-humans with feelings. And, this is what that makes us difference from other organisms.

Be sure to be proud whenever you have the ability to feel~

Recollecting humanity, bL!nk$t@R.


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