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Drops . Down December 2, 2009

Filed under: 1 — blinkstar @ 10:52 pm

I love the smell before the downpour

A plain nature scent

yet so soothing

whenever we take a deep breath of it


I love the dark clouds before rain

It makes me want to come out of the house

and beh0ld it

as the chilly wind blows


I wonder how the rain tastes like

salty, sour or spicy?

I’m so eager to know why is everyone holding an umbrella under the rain

Just to prevent themselves from getting wet

or are they hiding from the various truths of life?


Can the urbanites spare some time to get wet?

Dare yourself to stand at the crossroad

and watch the facial expression of each passer-by

What do you managed to see?

Tell me, why are they rushing when the lights turn green?

The sideways are almost empty without any trace of man

Nil heart, nil soul

I don’t even see a single kid playing around-jumping in the rain



like any other

with a hand-held umbrella

sat on the sidewalks

and witnessed the





I wrote this at the office out of boredom after breathing in some fresh air through the office window before rain. As a pedestrian on the road, I have many questions to ask. And, I’m expecting different types of answer from people from all walks of life. But somehow, I feel that I can get those answers from their faces and actions. The poem is my 2 cents worth of thought.



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