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2009 in a nutshell December 30, 2009

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2009 is ending. What have I done? Did I merely tip-toe-ed past 2009 or actually made some improvements and lived my life? Below is the summarised version of this fabulous year:-


I managed to read 10 self-help books this year which also means 1 book per month. I clearly know that this is not any extraordinary feat compared to those avid readers. But, this is an achievement for a non-book lover like me who never like thick novels and storybooks. Reading did amplified the positive corner of my mind.


This is the first year I started to join the women’s open category in a run or marathon. It was an eye-opening experience witnessing so many pro-runners running alongside me for a distance of 10/11km. The night run was also a great experience and a total of 3 running events had been participated by me throughout the year. I’m glad to see an improvement in my time and outdoor have become one of my favourite running spot be it park, trail or stadium. You just can’t resist running under a cloudy, chilly weather. Nevertheless, there’s still more to go..


  • KL Performing Arts Centre
  • The Actor’s Studio @ Lot 10
  • Annexe Gallery, Central Market

I’ve fulfilled my own promise and been to these 3 art venues which I’ve been longing to go since day one. Being in an artistic place just gives you a sort of exceptional, irreplaceable feel. You got to be there to experience it. Don’t just judge these place from your typical brochure.


For a foodie like me, nothing is more satisfying than to roam the food streets  and fill your stomach with mouth-watering stuffs. Those food pictures are sufficient to make you drool the whole night! Satay, nasi lemak, mamak food, you name it.


Jazz-the new term in my music vocabulary. Previously, I didn’t realise how much I love this music genre until I stumbled upon it. I’m now hoping to watch live jazz performances.


Last but not least. I must say that I’ve met many great people this year, originating from different backgrounds. Because of that, my horizon has expanded tremendously. There are people who show me their devotion to their respective religions. There are people who taught me about being extremely selfless in friendship. There are also people who made me realise the power of uncertainty-nothing is fixed and things change.

Live like we’re dying, bL!nk$t@R.


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