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21st floor January 29, 2010

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It’s so complicated. This feeling is unexplainable. Everything is jumbled up and I can’t find a proper term to define it.

Yesterday was my last day at work and my colleagues surprised me with a gift. Their sincerity and effort in presenting this gift to me meant a lot to my little soul. Honestly, that was not the best workplace in the world but these people working alongside me whom society are accustomed to labeling them as ordinary people are the ones who made me realise that life can be simple with some laughter, grumbling, silence, conversation and chocolate intertwined together. One of the best things in life is knowing the fact that your existence is being appreciated. Isn’t it?

It was a last time for many things. Signing out from the office signaled the end of this 2 months stint. I will miss my lunch hour at 11am, the times I yawn profusely and forced to shut my eyes for that few minutes, the brief strolls I took which ended up leaning by the window, the stories and laughter we shared and most of all, the amazing people over there.

I pray for nothing but happiness for you all. Hey guys, thanks for the wishes, take great care and I will definitely miss you all too. I’m moving on.


end of the 21st floor life, bL!nk$t@R.


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