The hAppiest people don't necessarily get the best of everything; they just make the most out of everything that comes along the way..

'RambLink$' about f@ces & pL@ces“ “

Pieces of Me September 29, 2008

passions, hopes & dreams-inseparable

a child at heart-plays a lot

the future preoccupied my mind

talks very much about life

loves the indie scene-art vs fashion vs music

practices the art of independance

adores producing a brief yet implicit story-poem

grasping the meaning of life

daily observations provoke my thoughts, sparking ideas

enjoys acoustic performances

peace speaks from within

have strong faith in God

happinness is a choice

believes in possibility


2 Responses to “Pieces of Me”

  1. me... Says:

    i like the way you structure ur blog. your entries are funny, cute and meaningful. keep it up!

    ps. its true that we were born to die. but, meanwhile, we must enjoy our life as much as possible. so that we can fully utilise our lifespan in the world…

    • blinkstar Says:

      Yea wat yu said is right as that is wat the blog post shud bring out.. inspiring people to search for the meaning of their lives regardless of what..

      Anyway, thank you very much for reading and commenting..

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