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2010 sets off January 1, 2010

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Woot! This will be my first post for 2010!

As the 2010 plane takes off, all unpleasant memories of 2009 have entered the paper shredder and shall be left behind. For the memories that are worth smiling about, those had been recorded into a cassette and shall be played back to remind me how blessed am I.

Dear all, 2010 is the year I vowed to eat slower and enjoy every bite. Fingers crossed!!


2009 in a nutshell December 30, 2009

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2009 is ending. What have I done? Did I merely tip-toe-ed past 2009 or actually made some improvements and lived my life? Below is the summarised version of this fabulous year:-


I managed to read 10 self-help books this year which also means 1 book per month. I clearly know that this is not any extraordinary feat compared to those avid readers. But, this is an achievement for a non-book lover like me who never like thick novels and storybooks. Reading did amplified the positive corner of my mind.


This is the first year I started to join the women’s open category in a run or marathon. It was an eye-opening experience witnessing so many pro-runners running alongside me for a distance of 10/11km. The night run was also a great experience and a total of 3 running events had been participated by me throughout the year. I’m glad to see an improvement in my time and outdoor have become one of my favourite running spot be it park, trail or stadium. You just can’t resist running under a cloudy, chilly weather. Nevertheless, there’s still more to go..


  • KL Performing Arts Centre
  • The Actor’s Studio @ Lot 10
  • Annexe Gallery, Central Market

I’ve fulfilled my own promise and been to these 3 art venues which I’ve been longing to go since day one. Being in an artistic place just gives you a sort of exceptional, irreplaceable feel. You got to be there to experience it. Don’t just judge these place from your typical brochure.


For a foodie like me, nothing is more satisfying than to roam the food streets  and fill your stomach with mouth-watering stuffs. Those food pictures are sufficient to make you drool the whole night! Satay, nasi lemak, mamak food, you name it.


Jazz-the new term in my music vocabulary. Previously, I didn’t realise how much I love this music genre until I stumbled upon it. I’m now hoping to watch live jazz performances.


Last but not least. I must say that I’ve met many great people this year, originating from different backgrounds. Because of that, my horizon has expanded tremendously. There are people who show me their devotion to their respective religions. There are people who taught me about being extremely selfless in friendship. There are also people who made me realise the power of uncertainty-nothing is fixed and things change.

Live like we’re dying, bL!nk$t@R.


Bothered December 26, 2009

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I’m stucked. I really do no know what to blog despite the fact that so many things have been going on for the past few days. Nobody is at home today and no plans are made. Maybe some random stuffs will pop up.

As my parents weren’t at home (who doesn’t wish for that haha), I definitely have my own fair share of fun outside the house. I visited Malacca for the nyonya food, walked on Jonker street, took a ride on the ferris wheel (Eye on Malaysia) and entered the Scream Park at Sunway Lagoon too. I was smiling and giggling occasionally during my time inside the Scream Park. After all, it’s true that fear is a state of mind.

There are things I cannot stop worrying and it disrupted my enjoyment of time. I’m physically present, but my mind is somewhere else-floating in ‘outer space’. At times, it’s good that we don’t care or bother so much about the things around us. If it’s not up to us to decide, why put ourselves through the tunnel of trouble and end up with nothing?

Life is a ferris wheel, bL!nk$t@R.


Love happens December 18, 2009

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I have been patiently awaiting the release of this movie since a few months back. I must admit, Jennifer Aniston is one of my favourite actress and the simple movie title managed to seize my attention. This movie is not only about seeking love but also emphasises on self-help where the main actor overcame his own past and learned to forgive himself. The storyline requires a certain level of understanding in order for audiences to be aware of what is happening. Either you love it or hate it. To me, it’s worth watching.


human losses December 17, 2009

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Those Barney ornaments on the Christmas tree are luring me with its adorability to the extent that I don’t mind being a thief to make it mine. Guess what, my colleague had the same thought as me but too bad Boss counted every single piece to ensure that Barney, Baby Bop and BJ are not estranged from their ‘new home’. Sigh, epic fail.

It is apparent that boredom pairs with a lackluster setting whereas having laughter at the workplace sets off a different spark among employees. Jokes are similar to coffee which have the ability to perk us up. Hey guys, thanks for those chirpy moments. Sometimes, I tend to feel that email is doing more harm rather than good. Technology has replaced human interaction for the sake of convenience. That’s why, bit by bit, we are losing that sacred human touch..

I don’t understand why certain individuals are oblivious to the fact that fundamental human rights exist. You want people to treat you with respect but you don’t even show a basic regard for your own human race. Utterly nonsense. As to why people resort to being so self-centered, can someone shed some light on that? I just can’t figure it out.

don’t deny them their prerogatives, bL!nk$t@R.


No to cubicles December 12, 2009

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I abhor the cubicles in the office. It hinders interaction and makes room for boredom as if you are stucked in a box with only air to breath. Jail life, I thought.

Somehow or rather, I started to get used to the 9 to 5 life and love my workplace because of the people (although there are loads of ‘behind-the-scene’ events going on). Most of the things are not like the way we see it owing to the fact that things are camouflaged in their own suits. My brain is ‘milkified’ as the company is working with a huge dairy product client and we people have to be well verse with their products. This is the power of product training-a non-milk lover is now serious about drinking milk (referring to me). Ahaha.

Weekends have been frantic, thanks to the numerous outings, gatherings, food trips as well as the usual mamak sessions. Despite the end of the academic year, hopefully I’m able to keep my mind active with the involvement of books, newspapers and magazines in my daily routine.

in support of open space in office, bL!nk$t@R.


Drops . Down December 2, 2009

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I love the smell before the downpour

A plain nature scent

yet so soothing

whenever we take a deep breath of it


I love the dark clouds before rain

It makes me want to come out of the house

and beh0ld it

as the chilly wind blows


I wonder how the rain tastes like

salty, sour or spicy?

I’m so eager to know why is everyone holding an umbrella under the rain

Just to prevent themselves from getting wet

or are they hiding from the various truths of life?


Can the urbanites spare some time to get wet?

Dare yourself to stand at the crossroad

and watch the facial expression of each passer-by

What do you managed to see?

Tell me, why are they rushing when the lights turn green?

The sideways are almost empty without any trace of man

Nil heart, nil soul

I don’t even see a single kid playing around-jumping in the rain



like any other

with a hand-held umbrella

sat on the sidewalks

and witnessed the





I wrote this at the office out of boredom after breathing in some fresh air through the office window before rain. As a pedestrian on the road, I have many questions to ask. And, I’m expecting different types of answer from people from all walks of life. But somehow, I feel that I can get those answers from their faces and actions. The poem is my 2 cents worth of thought.